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Information visualization is a rapidly evolving field of study involving many disciplines, such as computer science, cognitive psychology, and, of course, information science. Historically, its research has synthesized, traversed, and recombined innovation from traditionally compartmentalized research areas. This weblogl focuses on future directions, research and historical trends of information visualization.

Information visualization combines traditional academic disciplines and commercial applications that exist outside of academe (i.e. video games). It creates new paradigms for information or data visualization with the goal of improved understanding. Using examples ranging from large visually-oriented information systems to new mental models of visually organizing information, this weblog explore the future of information visualization.

Information visualization techniques, combined with back-end databases, will expand the boundaries of human intelligence by coupling human creativity with computer power.


This weblog provides a more informal forum for the American Society of Information Science and Technology Special Interest Group in Visualization Images and Sound to discuss, develop, and promote issues and research involving information visualization and with regards to graphic, visual information and sound. Such information includes, but is not limited to, text document images, still and moving pictures with or without sound, geographic attributes and topology, and virtual representations of the visual world. SIG/VIS's mission is to promote the exchange, development, communication, and dissemination of information and research related to visual and graphic information among ASIS&T members and to the larger community of practitioners and scholars